Tony Gentilcore & Dean Somerset - Even More Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint 2.0 (HD)

Tony Gentilcore & Dean Somerset - Even More Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint 2.0 (HD) digital download. Info: [WebRips - 9 MP4, document - 1 PDF] | 6.425 ...

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Tony Gentilcore & Dean Somerset - Even More Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint 2.0 (HD)

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Format: [WebRips - 9 MP4, document - 1 PDF]

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Tony Gentilcore & Dean Somerset - Even More Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint 2.0 (HD)

This workshop builds off the highly successful version 1 of the same name. Those who have taken version 1 will find this as all new content geared towards building and refining your approach, plus expanding applicable tools and integrating programming considerations throughout. For those who have not attended level 1, registration to this course comes with COMPLETE SHOULDER AND HIP BLUEPRINT version 1 digital video access to go through as pre-workshop viewing to ensure you’re up to speed on what we will be going through.

Here’s a sample of some concepts we dig into.


  • How to use the static and integrative assessments to guide your training program.
  • How breathing mechanics drives mobility of the upper body and stability of the lower body, and how to use it to see fast improvements in both.
  • neck positioning, sternoclavicular joint, and elbow considerations with shoulder movements
  • Deeper assessment considerations, including medical elements that may require a referral for non-fitness modalities
  • Why “impingement” and “scapular winging” are garbage terms, how to assess for their true function and purpose, the difference between internal and external impingement, and what it means to your training program
  • How simplifying your upper extremity assessment to the “Big 3” - Release, Position, Mobilize - can and will cover your bases for most shoulder ailments.
  • Heavy pressing, explosive throwing, and programming considerations for different goal sets and populations

Why this matters to you:

  • Help your clients get through common shoulder issues more effectively.
  • Streamline your assessment and program design, helping you get faster results and more efficient use of your time, and that of your clients’
  • Help you see the details of shoulder motion you didn’t notice before, and whether something you’re using in your exercise program is working or not. Plus look at whether neck or clavicular issues may be impeding their strength and mobility.
  • Upgrade your exercise toolbox to address commonly overlooked movement issues
  • Smash programming like a Jedi


  • The hips role in low back, SI joint, and knee issues commonly seen in the gym, and how to address them from a fitness perspective
  • Static versus active mobility, how and when to use each, and what produces the best benefits
  • Scaling compound lifts across populations and goals, and how to effectively program them for everyone
  • Jumps, sprints, change of direction, and other explosive training elements, and how they relate to the individuals goals and abilities.
  • Blending strength, mobility and recovery across age ranges, and how to avoid being a beat up meathead or chronic recoverer
  • spinal motion intolerances, and how to program around common issues.

What this means to you:
  • You can help clients see IMMEDIATE improvements, sometimes in as little as a minute or two, which will help them buy in to your abilities.
  • Help you target in on what will work best for the person in front of you, saving you both the time spent on useless exercises or drills.
  • Help clients get specific with what will help them get stronger, more mobile, and faster than ever before
  • Break down a system you can use today with yourself or your clients to see instant benefit while removing the guess work.

Shoulder Day:

Video 1 - Anatomy and assessments of upper body movement
Video 2 - “Fixing Scapular Winging, Posture, Scapular Stability, and Programming for Uncomfortable Shoulders
Video 3 - Assess, Release, Move: Targeting into Specific Tissue Limitations
Video 4 - Coaching Thoracic Mobility, Addressing Shoulder Limitations with Programming Adjustments
Video 5 - Programming Considerations, plus Examples for Specific Client Goals

Hip Day:

Video 1 - Lower Limb Influence on Hip Function & Mobility, Plus How to Address within a Training Session
Video 2 - Owning Hip Flexion and Positional Isometrics to Immediately Improve Range of Motion and Core Control. Plus Coaching the Squat From the Floor Up.
Video 3 - Coaching Squat Progressions, Plus Optimally Positioning and Set Up considerations for a Fantastic Barbell Squat
Video 4 - All Things Deadlift, Plus Programming Considerations for Young Athletes, Old Meatheads, and other Hip Concerns

If you’ve read this far and still have doubts, let us make it easy for you.

If you are looking to make it easier to assess, correct, and strengthen the two most commonly used joints on the body and all the stuff that goes into training them, and help your clients see bigger and faster results than they ever thought possible, this seminar series will be a massive value to you and your clientele.
There is NO RISK at all for you when you try The Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint seminar. If you are not at thrilled how this program help your clients battle back from injury and hit performance records, let us know and we will refund your order. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. You can order the videos, watch them all, and if you’re not able to say you learned something new or valuable from watching them, you can apply for a full refund within up to 60 days of the initial purchase.
There’s only one catch to all this. You need to act now to get the complete package.

However, if you would prefer to:
  • NOT learn about how breathing, thoracic motion, and scapular rotation affects shoulder strength and injury risk,
  • NOT learn how to double hip range of motion instantly,
  • NOT add dozens of new movements and coaching cues to your toolbox,
  • NOT see Dean & Tony fight like an old married couple,
  • NOT learn simple tips and tricks to take your deadlifts and squats to the next level,
  • NOT gain insight into how to become a better trainer,
… then we guess this isn’t the right product for you.
But if you would prefer to get all of the above, and then some, pick up your copy today.
-Tony & Dean