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ScrapeBoxGuide - ScrapeBox Guide

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ScrapeBoxGuide - ScrapeBox Guide digital download. Info: [eBook (PDF)]. “Unpublished ScrapeBox Secrets Can Help You Dominate the SERPs and Unleash Your ...
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ScrapeBoxGuide - ScrapeBox Guide

Type: Digital download

Format: [eBook (PDF)]


ScrapeBox Guide

“Unpublished ScrapeBox Secrets Can Help You Dominate the SERPs and Unleash Your Site’s Full Earning Potential”

Learn How To Master ScrapeBox and Cash-In On a Surge in Your Search Engine Ranking

The secret’s out: ScrapeBox is the number 1 hottest SEO software. Never before have you been able to uncover so many high PR linking opportunities and add your links. All at the touch of a button.

As the guys over at ScrapeBox themselves say:

  • It’s the Complete Harvesting Solution
  • It can use Multiple, Rotating Proxies
  • It does URL Collection and List Management
  • It Auto Comments to WordPress, Movable Type and BlogEngine;
  • It can easily submit Powerful RSS Feeds.
  • It’s getting better every day


When I first got this amazing piece of software I DIDN’T KNOW HOW TO USE IT PROPERLY.

I read the official guides and watched the video’s but I just didn’t feel like I knew enough about the software.

I did some URL harvesting and put together some posts for a commenting spree but the results I got weren’t that great. I had an average posting success percentage, couldn’t get the juciest high PR sites from my harvesting and all in all I JUST FELT LIKE I WASN’T USING SCRAPEBOX TO ITS FULLEST POTENTIAL.


The sheer number of questions and pleas for help about ScrapeBox on forums and chatrooms showed me that I was not alone in feeling like YOU ARE NOT GETTING THE MOST OUT OF SCRAPEBOX.

Now I’m not criticizing any of the guys over at ScrapeBox. They have created a fantastic product and the number and frequency of their Updates is astounding. It is not a surprise therefore that while focusing all their time on updating and improving ScrapeBox itself, they haven’t had time to flesh out the bare bones of their official user guide.

As the saying goes: “A Poor Workman Blames His Tools” and I admit it, I was a Poor Workman!! A really Poor Workman.

So I took it upon myself to learn everything there is to know about ScrapeBox. I digested all the information and advice on forums, read and re-read all the official guides and tapped into my vast network of SEO colleagues who are using ScrapeBox for their successes and failures.

THE RESULT IS THE SCRAPEBOX GUIDE. 100% unofficial and 100% competition-crushing.

  • Learn how to fully utilize the URL Harvester, the Blog Commertator and the Pinging Mode.
  • Discover the secret’s Footprints to unmask all your competitors’ juiciest backlinks.
  • Get a list of PROVEN Custom Footprints that SEO specialists have perfected then shared with me.
  • Understand how to use Proxies to your advantage. Learn the secret tricks of getting the most out of your paid proxies. Save on bandwidth which is more money in your pocket.
  • Dominate the Article Directories and Web 2.0 sites with the Pinging Mode in OVERDRIVE.
  • Learn from our mistakes and protect your Domains. Sometimes knowing what NOT TO DO is the most valuable insight of all.
  • Learn how to run multiple instances of ScrapeBox efficiently to DOUBLE, TRIPLE even QUADRUPLE your success.
  • Get access to the best ‘Moderator Approved’ generic blog comments. Tweak these to your own needs or use them straight out of the box.