[ETA] Energetic Throat [Chakra] Activation-Rudy Hunter

[ETA] Energetic Throat [Chakra] Activation-Rudy Hunter.  Rudy Hunter - [ETA] Energetic Throat [Chakra] ActivationPsst…there’s a BONUS + a powerful FREE ene...

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Rudy Hunter - [ETA] Energetic Throat [Chakra] Activation

Psst…there’s a BONUS + a powerful FREE energetic round for you too!


​You’re welcome!


Rudy Hunter will teach you things about your Chakras
that no one ever taught you.  It’s Woo Woo Wildness!
Want to know what each round activates in your energetic system?

Sure you do…here they are:

Round One:
Foundational Throat Chakra Sling Activation

Round Two:
C7/T1 Spinal Hub Doorway Integration

Round Three:
Holding Back My Words

Round Four:
The Energetic Pelvic Sling Strengthener

Round Five:
Expression Integration Sequence-Expression/Hold Back


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Here is your FREE AUDIO INTRO that includes the FIRST ENERGYWORK ROUND
​as Rudy’s gift to you.  Think of it as having Rudy directly activate the energetic circuitry
​of your throat chakra…because that’s exactly what this energetic tool does!

FREE AUDIO INTRO + !st Energy Round FREE For You! - Rudy Hunter

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​Attempts to personally record the audio will scramble the embedded energetic signal.

​WHAT’S THIS ABOUT A BONUS MP3 FROM RUDY? Glad you asked! Included with your purchase is EXTRA BONUS audio from Rudy that is not available for purchase on its own.  It’s a 17-minute soapbox rant [no EnergyWork included in it] packed
with tips to help you USE that powerful voice of yours in the real, real, real, real, real, real-world….for your happiness, joyfulness, expression & abundance. For what purpose?

​To help you build a business, talk to loved ones, raise money, write that book you’re stalled out on, build your private practice, help your relationships immediately, speak your own truth and use your own voice to help you live more fully, joyfully, in integrity & in your own power!

Nice, huh?


[BTW-Don’t get hung up on the specific examples Rudy uses during his rant if you’re not keen on building a business or writing a book.  His tips will help you use the ETA tool you’ve purchased to amplify WHATEVER YOU REALLY WANT to bring forth into the world.

And if you want to build a business or an abundant private practice, this tool will teach you exactly how Rudy does it with integrity & ease. This rant/tip recording is not available for purchase separately because you’ll need the ETA tool
​to help activate the tips he teaches.]

Here’s to your powerful voice with all the information & creation it can bring forth
​into expression in the world for all of us to enjoy!
Much love,