Mosh Hamedani - Ultimate Java Part 1: Fundamentals

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Mosh Hamedani - Ultimate Java Part 1: Fundamentals | Instant Download ! Sale page: Mosh Hamedani - Ultimate Java Part 1: FundamentalsLearn to write Java co...
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Mosh Hamedani – Ultimate Java Part 1: Fundamentals | Instant Download !

Sale page: Mosh Hamedani – Ultimate Java Part 1: Fundamentals

Learn to write Java code with confidence

Java is the most widely used and in-demand programming language.

It’s used in 90% of fortune 500 company websites, most big banks and financial companies, almost all Android apps, and much, much more…

But despite its popularity, there’s lots of bad info out there about Java. Dozens of myths, misconceptions, bad advice and downright poor tutorials.

That’s why I’ve designed this series.

The first part of this series is your first step towards a career in web or mobile development. Forget trying to piece together different YouTube tutorials or reading outdated blog posts or books.

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to…

  • Write Java code with confidence
  • Get ready to learn advanced Java features
  • Write clean code like a pro

What You’l Learn…

This course is the first part of a three-part series. It’s your first step towards a career in web or mobile app development. This part covers:

  • Fundamentals of programming
  • Variables and types
  • Control flow (conditional statements, loop, etc)
  • Clean coding and refactoring
  • Debugging Java applications

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone who wants to learn programming for the first time
  • College students who want to better understand Java
  • Java developers who want to brush up on their Java skills

Course Curriculum

Getting Started
Start1- Setting Up the Development Environment (2:13)
Start2- Anatomy of a Java Program (4:41)
Start3- Your First Java Program (7:18)
Start4- How Java Code Gets Executed (4:38)
Start5- 5 Interesting Facts about Java (1:46)
Start6- Course Structure (2:26)
Start7- Source Code
Start1- Introduction (0:34)
Start2- Variables (3:10)
Start3- Primitive Types (5:19)
Start4- Reference Types (4:47)
Start5- Primitive vs Reference Types (4:24)
Start6- Strings (7:03)
Start7- Escape Sequences (2:39)
Start8- Arrays (5:25)
Start9- Multi-dimensional Arrays (2:36)
Start10- Constants (1:51)
Start11- Arithmetic Expressions (4:03)
Start12- Order of Operations (1:21)
Start13- Casting (6:27)
Start14- The Math Class (4:42)
Start15- Formatting Numbers (5:49)
Start16- Reading Input (5:05)
Start17- Project- Mortgage Calculator (2:10)
Start18- Solution (4:18)
Start19- Summary (0:46)
Control Flow
Start1- Introduction (0:47)
Start2- Comparison Operators (1:45)
Start3- Logical Operators (4:36)
Start4- If Statements (4:25)
Start5- Simplifying If Statements (3:29)
Start6- The Ternary Operator (2:29)
Start7- Switch Statements (3:50)
Start8- Exercise- FizzBuzz (5:57)
Start9- For Loops (3:48)
Start10- While Loops (4:26)
Start11- Do..While Loops (1:17)
Start12- Break and Continue Statements (3:15)
Start13- For-Each Loop (3:07)
Start14- Project- Mortgage Calculator (1:27)
Start15- Solution (5:00)
Start16- Summary (0:55)
Clean Coding
Start1- Introduction (0:38)
Start2- Clean Coding (1:11)
Start3- Creating Methods (4:41)
Start4- Refactoring (2:25)
Start5- Extracting Methods (6:16)
Start6- Refactoring Repetitive Patterns (6:15)
Start7- Project- Payment Schedule (2:10)
Start8- Solution (9:11)
Start9- Refactoring the Code (3:22)
Start10- Summary (0:43)
Debugging and Deploying Applications
Start1- Introduction (0:31)
Start2- Types of Errors (1:26)
Start3- Common Syntax Errors (3:09)
Start4- Debugging Java Applications (8:08)
Start5- Packaging Java Applications (4:11)
Start6- Course Wrap Up (0:40)
StartThank You

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