Mosh Hamedani - The Ultimate C Series Part 1

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Mosh Hamedani - The Ultimate C Series Part 1 | Instant Download ! Sale page: Mosh Hamedani - The Ultimate C Series Part 1Your first step towards a career i...
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Mosh Hamedani – The Ultimate C Series Part 1 | Instant Download !

Sale page: Mosh Hamedani – The Ultimate C Series Part 1

Your first step towards a career in software development

C# is a beautiful cross-platform language that can be used to build different kinds of apps: web apps, mobile apps, desktop apps, and games.

The versatility of C# brings you a lot of career options.

This course is the ideal starting point for anyone who wants to master the fundamentals of C#.

It breaks down C# into digestible and easy-to-understand pieces using real-world examples, exercises and step-by-step solutions. No foo-bar-baz nonsense or fluff here!

By the end of this course…

You’ll be able to:

  • Write basic C# programs with confidence
  • Get ready to learn the advanced C# features
  • Distinguish between “good” and “bad” code

What You’l Learn…

Right from the beginning, you’ll jump in and write your first C# program within minutes.

  • Fundamentals of programming in C# and .NET Framework
  • All about primitive and reference types
  • Operators (arithmetic, comparison, logical, bitwise, etc)
  • Conditional statements (if/else, switch/case)
  • Loops (for, foreach, while, do-white)
  • Working with date/time objects
  • Working with text
  • Working with files and directories
  • Debugging C# applications
  • And much, much more!

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone pursuing a career in web, mobile or game development
  • Anyone wanting to gain a deep understanding of C# and .Net

Existing C# developers who want to brush up on the C# fundamentals

Course Curriculum

Welcome (2m)
StartAbout This Course (1:21)
Getting Started (20m)
PreviewIntroduction (0:55)
PreviewC# vs .NET (0:53)
PreviewWhat is CLR (2:12)
PreviewArchitecture of .NET Applications (2:42)
PreviewGetting Visual Studio
PreviewYour First C# Application (9:53)
Primitive Types and Expressions (35m)
StartIntroduction (0:26)
StartVariables and Constants (8:43)
StartOverflowing (2:13)
StartScope (1:02)
StartDemo: Variables and Constants (11:27)
StartType Conversion (4:48)
StartDemo: Type Conversion (10:16)
StartOperators (4:12)
StartWhat are Logical Operations?
StartDemo: Operators (6:21)
StartComments (1:43)
StartSummary (0:35)
Non-Primitive Types (1h)
StartIntroduction (0:25)
StartClasses (5:55)
StartDemo: Classes (8:27)
StartStructs (1:28)
StartArrays (2:15)
StartDemo: Arrays (3:51)
StartStrings (5:49)
StartDemo: Strings (7:42)
StartEnums (1:47)
StartDemo: Enums (7:37)
StartReference Types and Value Types (3:14)
StartDemo: Reference Types and Value Types (5:48)
StartDemo: Reference Types and Value Types (3:48)
StartSummary (0:56)
Control Flow (40m)
StartIntroduction (1:13)
StartConditional Statements (2:43)
StartDemo: If/Else, Switch/Case (8:40)
StartIteration Statements (3:59)
StartDemo: For loops (1:56)
StartDemo: Foreach loops (3:42)
StartDemo: While loops (7:00)
StartRandom Class (9:05)
StartSummary (0:37)
Arrays and Lists (30m)
StartIntroduction (0:38)
StartArrays (4:47)
StartDemo: Arrays (10:02)
StartLists (2:18)
StartDemo: Lists (10:11)
StartSummary (0:38)
Working with Dates (10m)
StartIntroduction (0:17)
StartDateTime (6:20)
StartTimeSpan (7:28)
StartSummary (0:35)
Working with Text (50m)
StartIntroduction (0:16)
StartString (4:24)
StartDemo: Strings (12:28)
StartLive Coding: Summarizing Text (11:18)
StartStringBuilder (1:07)
StartDemo: StringBuilder (7:30)
StartProcedural Programming (8:45)
StartSummary (0:35)
Working with Files (25m)
StartIntroduction (0:20)
StartIntroduction to System.IO (3:58)
StartFile and File Info (5:50)
StartDirectory and Directory Info (6:01)
StartPath (2:53)
StartSummary (1:00)
Debugging Applications (40m)
StartIntroduction (0:21)
StartDebugging Tools in Visual Studio (10:24)
StartRemoving Side Effects (9:15)
StartDefensive Programming (7:44)
StartCall Stack Window (1:46)
StartLocals and Autos Windows (1:49)
StartSummary (0:38)
StartWhats Next (0:50)

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