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Julie Renee - Karma Clearing Course

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Julie Renee - Karma Clearing Course digital download. Info: [1 MP4, 4 MP3s, 2 PDF, 1 JPG] | 510.86 MB. Faster Health Activator and Brain Rejuvenation Exp...
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Julie Renee - Karma Clearing Course

Type: Digital download

Format: [1 MP4, 4 MP3s, 2 PDF, 1 JPG]

File size: 510.86 MB




Julie Renee - Karma Clearing CourseMaster Health Activator and Brain Rejuvenation Expert Julie Renee will help you clear unwanted Karma and attain Emotional Freedom, through her live on-line course “End Karma”.

This popular training session will open the path to freedom in your interaction with friends, family, co-workers and any past connections.

End Karma – Experience Emotional Freedom was originally exclusive to VIP members, however due to popular demand, Julie Renee will now release the program to the general public.

“Every week people approach me with questions related to their past karma with respect to their current entanglements. How can I remove energy vampires from my space? Well I’m happy to report that this course provides the tools required to help you break free from Karmic Oppression. End Karma ~ Experience Emotional Freedom will help you to get on with your life so you can finally enjoy full self expressed joyous living”.

Julie Renee

Training Includes:

  • Identification of your personal energy versus the energy of others within you
  • How to find and remove energetic cords
  • Ending contracts ~ what are you locked into despite your multiple attempts to move away? Learn how to cut the ties.
  • Completing agreements ~ ‘Agreements’ differ from ‘Contracts’, however they are just as troublesome
  • Completion of Good and Bad Karma and how to identify what ties you to another
  • How to attain freedom from energy vampires

Part Two:

  • Understanding and transforming your field of perception to ensure you attract the right people into your world
  • DNA clearing and training with regards to ties that bind~ the transformation of your cellular body to support your emotional freedom
  • Understanding the need for balance and a life lived consciously. The end of emotional trauma and drama
  • Completion you will learn a Vedic mantra for transformation