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Jim Cockrum - Proven Bundling

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Jim Cockrum - Proven Bundling digital download. Info: [Videos (MP4) + Documents (PDF, PPT)]. This course will walk you through exactly what you need to ...
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Jim Cockrum - Proven Bundling

Type: Digital download

Format: [Videos (MP4) + Documents (PDF, PPT)]


Proven Bundling

"Did you know you can easily eliminate your Amazon competition by creating unique, hard-to-replicate bundles – all without breaking Amazon policies?"

If you are tired of having to compete with multiple other sellers on Amazon,


You are looking for a way to avoid the lower-priced sellers who are always undercutting you,


You need to learn how to create smart bundles!

Jim Cockrum - Proven Bundling

Before starting her business Robyn worked maintaining and creating religious education programs for her church. Not only did she want to be her own boss, but she also needed more flexibility to be there when her son with health issues needed her.

Robyn and her husband Nate quickly built their business and have been able to add multiple streams of income because she has been able to build systems to accelerate their growth. She will walk you through a step-by-step process on how she used bundles on Amazon to help grow her business, what common pitfalls can be avoided, and how to create beautiful listings that sell well.

We want to show you how Robyn and her team...

  • Use PROFITABLE bundles to reduce competition and increase their sales on items
  • Create bundles that get little to no competition
  • Create bundle listings that really sell and customers love
  • Use keyword research & Amazon Sponsored Ads to help get traffic to their bundles
  • Use a step by step guide through Amazon’s bundling rules

Have you thought about using bundles to increase your sales but are intimidated by the thought of creating your own listings?

Do you know you could get more sales on your existing bundles if you knew how to get more traffic with the right keywords and how to use Amazon Sponsored Ads?

This course will walk you through exactly what you need to know and what steps you need to take to find profitable, replenishable bundles.


This course will walk you step by step through the entire process.

Module 1

  • Why bundles work
  • What not to do when bundling
  • Where to find items for your bundle

Module 2

  • Critique existing bundles listings so you can see what works and what doesn’t

Module 3

  • Amazon’s guidelines on bundles
  • What items you are not allowed to bundle

Module 4

  • What makes a good bundle
  • Ideas on several ways to make it very difficult for other sellers to “piggyback” on your listings
  • Lists of ideas that will inspire your own unique bundles

Module 5

  • How to determine profitability of a bundle
  • How to Price your bundles
  • High Volume vs High Margin strategies

Module 6

  • Takes you step by step through how to create images
  • How to use a light box
  • How to get professional looking pictures without the cost of a professional studio.
  • Common mistakes like reflections, glare, and getting that perfect white background.

Module 7

  • We look at how to research your product
  • How to find the right keywords for organic (think FREE) search results and sponsored ads
  • Where to put those keywords for maximum effect.

Module 8

  • We walk step by step in creating a listing
  • Where to outsource descriptions if you don’t want to do them yourself
  • We even touch on parent child variations

Module 9

  • We talk about how to get the biggest bang for your buck using Amazon Sponsored Ads
  • How to manually target your ad campaigns to spend the least to get the most sales

Modules 10 & 11

  • How to get reviews for your products
  • Other ways to drive traffic to your bundles

Module 12

  • What to do if you bundles still isn’t selling
  • How to see if you are getting traffic to your page
  • What to do to have your bundle start selling

Module 13

  • How to use the Inventory Health Report to help you predictively restock your bundles.