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Jeff Paul - Small Business Marketing MagicJeff Paul - Small Business Marketing Magic

Get Jeff Paul - Small Business Marketing Magic at the sunlurn

You’re buying a brand new item, from an authorized distributor of this Program.  All material is copyright protected and for personal use only, except where noted.  You are buying a Digital product.

What you get:  423 Page Manual in PDF format and Audio in MP3 format  - all on 1 CDROM

PLUS BONUS: Killer Copywriting  43 Page Manual with 3 Audio CD’s PLUS get the 6 Page Killer Copywriting Checklist!

It’s so frustrating…

“Even The Greatest Business Owner In The World Will Be Broke Without A Constant Stream Of Customers Or Clients!”

NAPERVILLE, IL - A world class marketing consulting firm has just updated its system - “Small Business Marketing Magic - 101 Secrets On How To Get More Business To Come To You In A Month Than You Now Get All Year!”


Business owners have to face a fact that makes most of them sick: Without any question, the most important knowledge a business owner needs is not about their product or service, IT IS ABOUT MARKETING!! Having great products or services is worthless without lots of customers!


The reality that all business owners must face is that people are not forced to seek you out. Therefore getting customers is the most frustrating aspect in your life. That’s why BEING A MARKETING EXPERT IS SIGNIFICANTLY MORE IMPORTANT THAN BEING AN EXPERT AT WHATEVER YOU DO OR SELL!!


As a business owner, you can never delude yourself into thinking that because you are good, that you will automatically make lots of money. The streets are littered with the remains of smart, ethical and clever business people who never figured out how to get a continuous flow of QUALIFIED, INTERESTED, MOTIVATED PROSPECTS, CUSTOMERS OR CLIENTS IN FRONT OF THEM EVERY DAY!


Your greatest frustration is the fact that you know that you can close just about anyone you meet with, or who comes into your business, but you seldom see more than a trickle of prospects. You truly hate advertising and prospecting, and wish there was some way to get customers and clients without the nauseating thought of cold calling or wasting more money on ads that don’t work.


Get Jeff Paul - Small Business Marketing Magic at the sunlurn

Everyone would love a magic potion that would produce those elusive prospects. Since that doesn’t exist, the president of this remarkable marketing company learned how to create EMOTIONAL RESPONSE ORIENTED MARKETING, which generates responses, not an image! These techniques took his firm from being buried in debt and almost out of business, to over $1,500,000 of sales less than two years later!


He learned the cycle that must exist to reach a big income: Emotional response oriented marketing gets qualified, interested, motivated and targeted clients and customers, who will refer, which builds cash flow to do more emotional response oriented marketing, which gets more customers and clients, who refer more clients! EMOTIONAL RESPONSE MARKETING BUILDS YOUR BUSINESS, AND REFERRALS IGNITE YOUR INCOME!! Referrals should be your #1 source of business after a while, when you can cut back (but never eliminate) your marketing.


With this system, you will learn…

  • The fastest way to double a business!
  • A targeted system that will attract clients/customers like a magnet!
  • The 10 biggest mistakes 95% of businesses make when advertising, and how to avoid them!
  • How to practically force others to refer people to you for a change!
  • A non threatening lead system that will bring in leads without you doing any of the work!
  • What the essential ingredient to any marketing is, and if missing, will assure a failure! And dozens more secrets revealed to you.

Small Business Marketing Magic!

This system called, “Small Business Marketing Magic - 101 Secrets On How To Get More Business To Come To You In A Month Than You Now Get All Year!” is now available! This amazing system has enrolled 13,465 business owners and sales people, and works in any kind of business, in any kind of marketplace, anywhere in the English speaking world!

Get Jeff Paul - Small Business Marketing Magic at the sunlurn