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James Penn - 30 Day Blog Traffic Academy

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James Penn - 30 Day Blog Traffic Academy digital download. Info: [38 eBooks (PDF) + 2 Text (txt)]. When you join The 30 Day Blog Traffic Academy, you wi...
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James Penn - 30 Day Blog Traffic Academy

Type: Digital download

Format: [38 eBooks (PDF) + 2 Text (txt)]

30 Day Blog Traffic Academy

When you join The 30 Day Blog Traffic Academy, you will receive (for a small one time only payment) one traffic lesson every single day for 30 days.

Each lesson...

- Is short and snappy (typically 3-5 pages)

- Is actionable (you can quickly digest the content and then implement the strategy that very same day)

- Is free (none of these strategies cost a penny)

- WORKS! (These are my 30 BEST traffic strategies that have propelled me to over 2,500 visitors per day)

I reveal absolutely every traffic strategy I use. I don't hide anything. If I have done something and it has got me some traffic, then you can be sure it will be in this training course.

I also use real life case studies with working examples from my own niche blog. How many marketers share behind the scenes access to their niche websites?

Here Are Just SOME Of The Things You'll Discover In "The 30 Day Blog Traffic Academy"

  • Lesson #1 - How I ethically "steal" traffic from 1't page Google ranking websites and siphon them back to my blog. You can do this with HUNDREDS of different websites and the more you do it, the more traffic you'll get.
  • Lesson #3 - How I get OTHER bloggers to create free content for me AND then get them to send thousands of readers to my blog. This fantastic method takes a little organization, but when you pull it off it can send thousands of visitors in a day - even if you're starting from scratch!.
  • Lesson #4 - My secret method that sends 150 visitors to my blog every single day with just a five minute time effort every morning. You've probably never seen anyone talk about this strategy and I'm so excited to share it with you!
  • Lesson #5 - My complete guide to guest posting - including how I find great guest posting opportunities, how I contact potential hosts (with copy and paste emails for you to use) and how I get hundreds of visitors in the first 24 hours from my guest posts.
  • Lesson #11 - My devilishly simple "Swap" technique which sends hundreds of visitors rushing to my blog from other people's Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts.
  • Lesson #16 - My really cheeky, but really effective, 30 second trick to get big traffic from authority Pinterest users. (I get over 500 visitors from Pinterest per day and this is one of my most effective strategies.)
  • Lesson #20 - The "forgotten" traffic source that STILL sends me 10-20 visitors per day FOUR years after I last used it and how to use it today to get instant (and long term) traffic.
    Lesson #24 - How I create blog posts that get shared, shared, and shared some more on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Every time I launch one of these blog posts (which take just a couple of hours) I get thousands of visitors to it in just a few days.
  • Lesson #30 - The one key thing that has enabled me to grow my traffic so rapidly and continue to grow it for many weeks, months and years into the future. Get this right and getting traffic will never, ever be a problem for you!

Throughout the 30 days, I also dedicate a lot of time to discussing how to grow your:

- Email list

- Facebook fan page following

- Twitter following and

- Pinterest following

I call these your "distribution channels" and the bigger they are, the more traffic you can send to your blog posts, to your own products and to affiliate offers with just a click of a button.