Brian Meeks - Mastering Amazon Ads: An Author’s Course (Meeks Master Classes 2020)

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Brian Meeks - Mastering Amazon Ads: An Author’s Course (Meeks Master Classes 2020) Mastering Amazon Ads: An Author’s Course Learn to Analyze, Optimize, and...
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Brian Meeks - Mastering Amazon Ads: An Author’s Course (Meeks Master Classes 2020)

Brian Meeks - Mastering Amazon Ads: An Author’s Course (Meeks Master Classes 2020)

Mastering Amazon Ads: An Author’s Course
Learn to Analyze, Optimize, and Strategize like a Master

You’ve got the awesome cover.

The reviews are great.

Why aren’t you happy with the sales?

This course is about more than just Amazon Ads. It’s about all the aspects of the book business that make YOUR BOOKS appealing to Readers. And it’s about the MINDSET you need to do the ANALYSIS to MAXIMIZE your ROI. (Even if you hate math)

Prerequisite: Read Mastering Amazon Ads: An Author’s Guide

NEW FOR 2019: Two New Lectures coming in September on Facebook Ads

Bonus Material: Advanced Ad ROI Calculator

Never Make the Wrong Decisions Again!

Bonus Material: Ad Naming Tool

Saves time and avoids duplicate names.

Stores your ad copy to make it easier to find.

ACCESS to Brian D. Meeks: I love helping authors. If you need one on one help setting up a tool or analyzing your data, I’ll find the time to assist.

And there’s a private FB group to hang out with the other students!

Course Curriculum

Lecture 1: Introduction

Video - Introduction
Recorded - Lecture: Setting Expectations (45-minutes)

We’ll set our goals.

This is NOT a course that should be treated like an “EASY” button. Before day 1 it will be expected that you’ve read the entire textbook, Mastering Amazon Ads: An Author’s Guide .

I will lay out what we’re going to cover and how you should be prepared to change your mind set about numbers.

Analysis is mostly being inquisitive.

Lecture 2: Analyzing Sponsored Product Ads

Video - Analysis 101_Lecture 2
Video - Analysis 101_Lecture 2 pt
Recorded - Lecture: Analyzing Sponsored Product Ad for Henry Wood Detective Agency (45-minutes)

This lecture covers an ad that 99% of people would NOT be able to CORRECTLY analyze.

This is a perfect example of why ACoS can NOT be trusted. You’ll begin to see how to view your ads to CONFIDENTLY determine your next move.

We’ll discuss:

Minimum Possible Downloads
Projected ROI
Calculating Baselines for existing organic sales
Advanced Ad ROI Calculator Tool

When you’re done you’ll be able to ACCURATELY determine if an ad is a PASS or FAIL.

Lecture 3: First Book Free Research

Video - Analysis 101_Lecture 3
Recorded - Lecture: Can First Book Free Ads be Profitable? (45 - minutes)

This lecture covers a Sponsored Product ad run on a First Book FREE book that is WIDE. This means there is not ANY page read revenue.

Additionally, the book we ran the ads on has decent organic downloads and read through. This requires a MUCH more in-depth analysis.

We take it one step at a time to make it easy to understand.

We show how to calculate LONG-TERM impact on the other books in the series.

This is a complex analysis that will demonstrate methodology YOU can use.

We’ll discuss:

Using Graphs with Trend lines to make analysis EASIER
Analyzing individual books in the series to determine if there is an increase in REVENUE.
21-Day Moving Average
Importance of Reading Habits on Analysis

Lecture 4: Calculating Read Through

Recorded - Analysis 101_Lecture 4

You NEED to know the TOTAL VALUE of a new reader.

We will discuss the steps needed to find the read through value for both sales and KU page reads, so that you can use it in your analysis.

this is a crucial piece of information you NEED for successful analysis.

It can be the difference between getting the CORRECT answer and NOT.

We’ll discuss:

Step by step instructions for you to complete this task.

Lecture 5: Using the AMS 4.2 Tool’s Reports

Recorded - Lecture: Learn to Calculate Description Conversion Rate (45 - minutes)

Knowing the description conversion rate is crucial to planning AND analysis.

You MUST know this for all stand alone books, boxed sets, and first in series books.

We’ll discuss:

Step by step instructions for you to complete this task.

Lecture 6: Description Copywriting Theory

Recorded - Lecture: Description Copywriting Theory (45 - minutes)

Optimizing your description is KEY to success with ANY form of advertising. We’ll discuss how to go from 1:30 to 1:10 conversion rate.

If your current description is a synopsis of the book. You ARE doing it WRONG. You’re costing yourself MONEY!

We’ll discuss:

Paragraph length

Lecture 7: Back Matter Optimization

Recorded - Back Matter Optimization (45 - minutes)

This is totally new research regarding back matter and it’s impact on read through.

This is an IMPORTANT concept in building your readership, because the one’s who read past book one are more likely to become LOYAL readers for a long time.

We’ll discuss:

The data from my first two tests.
Why I believe this method is more effective at convincing a person to go to book 2
What you should do for YOUR back matter.

Lecture 8: Bookbub Promotion Strategies

Recorded - Bookbub Promotion Strategies (45 - minutes)

Why does it matter what you do around your Bookbub promotion?

What can you do to increase your chance of getting a “yes” from Bookbub?

Lecture 9: Keywords and Your Book’s Meta Data

Recorded - Keyword and Your Book’s Meta Data (45 - minutes)

We’ll discuss more of my research on the subject, including the controlled tests I did to get Mastering Amazon Ads: An Author’s Guide on page 1 of all my meta data keywords (and a few others).

I’ll talk about how you can use your list to run a similar test on your next launch.

Lecture 10: Understanding KDP Rocket for Keywords

Recorded - Understanding KDP Rocket for Keywords (45 - minutes)

This is a discussion of how to use KDP rocket to make your life easier.

Time management is a challenge as an author and if we can reduce the time one spends fussing with keywords, then there is more time for writing. That’s the focus of this lecture.

Lecture 11: 99 Cent vs. $4.99 Before and After Analysis

Recorded - 99 cent vs. $4.99 Before and After analysis (45 - minutes)

This lecture is about thinking like an analyst and will help you improve your understanding of what’s involved.

Analysis is hard for most folks. All semester we’ve been touching on various aspects and in this lecture we really dig deep to help you understand the mechanics.

Lecture 12: Introduction to Ads for .Co.UK

Recorded - Introduction to Ads for Amazon in the UK (45 - minutes)

We talk about how to setup an account to allow you to run ads in the UK.

This the next frontier for AMS ads.

Lecture 13: Analyzing U.K. Ads

Recorded - Analyzing U.K. Ads (45 - minutes)

We analyze the ads of one of the students.

The lecture is designed to help understand U.K. ads and to get a greater knowledge of analysis methodology.

Course Curriculum

Facebook Ads - 2019Intro to Facebook Ads - 2019: Live on Sept 11, 2019 (77:20)
Facebook Ads Analysis - 2019 - Understanding the Numbers: TBD
Lecture 1 - Introduction
Lecture 1 (Nov 16) (5:37)
Intro Recorded Live Lecture from Nov 12 (51:37)
First Section
Advanced Ad ROI Calculator Tutorial (6:44)
Advanced Ad ROI Calculator v 1.01 Master
Excel Fun and Helpful Tricks

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