Brenda Stanger - Energy Body Revitalization: A Guided Meditation CD

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Brenda Stanger - Energy Body Revitalization: A Guided Meditation CD digital download. Info: [CD Rip - 5 MP3s] | 99.76 MB. When healing the energy body, w...
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Brenda Stanger - Energy Body Revitalization: A Guided Meditation CD

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Format: [CD Rip - 5 MP3s]

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Brenda Stanger - Energy Body Revitalization: A Guided Meditation CD


Join over 30,000 people from all over the world who have had profound and powerful experiences after listening to this guided meditation.

Completely revitalize your Energy Body. Get introduced to the intricacies of the chakra system and your Energy Body.

As we evolve and become more aware of our experience we desire health and wellness. We are beginning to realize that this goes far beyond being free from chronic illness or pain. Vitality is required in order to experience life to the fullest. This vibrancy comes from the Energy Body. The Energy Body is comprised of our physical body, our emotional body, our mental body and our spiritual body. All of these forms work harmoniously to create our life experience.

Our energy body has many elements. Primarily there is a series of meridians – 14 in total. The meridians transport energy throughout our system, to each muscle, organ, nerve and cell in the physical body. This process can be compared to a railway system. Energy moves into the meridians through energy stations known as chakras. There are 7 major chakras in the physical body. If the chakras are blocked or damaged this distorts the flow of energy. Imagine shutting down all of the train stations, not allowing people to get on or off the trains, and expecting the system to still run efficiently.

Each of the 7 chakras has its own unique characteristics and impacts a different element of our lives. The 7 chakras are located and build from the base of the spine to the top of the head. Each one provides a foundation for the next and is dependant on the health and vitality of the other chakras in the system.

Our 7 Chakras

• 1st – Root Chakra- Self-preservation; Ability to be here and to have
• 2nd – Sacral Chakra – Self-gratification; Ability to feel and experience pleasure
• 3rd – Solar Plex Chakra – Self-definition; Ability to act and be an individual
• 4th – Heart Chakra – Self-acceptance; Ability to love and be loved
• 5th – Throat Chakra – Self-expression; Ability to speak and hear the truth
• 6th – Third Eye Chakra – Self-reflection; Ability to see
• 7th – Crown Chakra – Self-knowledge; Abiltiy to know and to learn

When healing the energy body, we begin by clearing and opening each of these chakras so that energy from the Earth and the Universe can enter the system and be transported throughout. By healing our chakras we can release stagnant energy that has held in place old traumas and abuses, fears, issues, patterns and belief systems. This stagnant energy causes us to continually repeat damaging patterns within our daily lives. When we release these blocks we free ourselves to experience life to the fullest with energy and vitality. By nurturing our Energy Body, we achieve health, wellness, joy and peace that offers us the best of the human experience.

Brenda’s unique skills acquired through her experience as a Corporate Executive, Healer, Teacher and Coach helps people integrate all aspects of their lives, increasing their life’s energy and reducing stress. She shares knowledge, tools and strategies from her journey to aid others striving to live their life purposefully, joyfully, peacefully and consciously. Through this meditation she guides you to experience a relaxation of your physical body and become centered in your own energy field. Balance yourself between the right and the left side, or the active and the receptive; between the front and back, or your past and your future; above and below you, or centering your presence between heaven and earth. When you are centered you are empowered and spiritually connected which activates your inborn healing and intuitive power. Allow your subconscious to identify and clear the blockages and damage in each chakra, allowing the energies from the Earth and the Universe to flow efficiently into and through you. Whether you fall asleep, go into an alternate state of awareness or stay present for the duration the healing impact will not change.