BrainSpeak - BrainStorm Subliminals - Peak-Performance

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BrainSpeak - BrainStorm Subliminals - Peak-Performance digital download. Info: [WebRips - 2 MP3 + 2 FLAC, documents - 2 PDF] | 313.15 MB . The crack of t...
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BrainSpeak - BrainStorm Subliminals - Peak-Performance

Type: Digital download

Format: [WebRips - 2 MP3 + 2 FLAC, documents - 2 PDF]

File size: 313.15 MB



The crack of the bat, the signature on the dotted line, the applause of the audience—every one of these implies someone who is operating at the top of their game.


When we’re in ‘peak performance’ mode, the ball comes to us, the client pays top dollar, and we never miss a cue. We flow through a life where success seems easy and natural.


Get Into The Flow of Personal Power!

It’s a fact that many of us never experience the joy of living up to our full potential. If you are stressed because “life is hard” and you’re struggling just to stay in the game let alone get ahead, it’s time to find powerful new ways to optimize your performance!


Let BrainStorm Peak Performance help you to... 



Improve productivity by performing at new levels of creativity. Experience peak performance in all aspects of life.



Achieve your goals with far less effort. See the purpose of every task clearly.



Love your work; love your life. Understand that your productivity contributes to your well-being.



Perform challenging tasks with energy and focus. Focus your mind and energy on your highest purpose.



Know that you can handle all that you receive and that you have all that you need to succeed.



Release doubt and let go of fear. Know that you are fully capable and competent.


Two Powerful Tracks!



Each BrainStorm title contains two tracks of positive "silent" affirmations plus the 7.83 kHz Schumann resonance (the vibratory frequency of the Earth) embedded in a high frequency carrier. 


This listening format was recommended to us by our original 100-member test group, based on the results they produced during our research and development of BrainStorm.

Track #1

BrainSpeak® Sounds & Subliminals

BrainSpeak - BrainStorm Subliminals - Peak-Performance

The first track combines carefully selected, audible sound BrainSpeak sound patterns, with inaudible “silent” subliminal messages.

It is designed to synchronize the left and right hemispheres of the brain and shift your brainwave patterns to an alpha-theta level – where you can experience deep relaxation, creativity and re-scripting of behaviors and beliefs.

We recommend that you listen to this track with headphones, at a comfortable volume.  Do NOT listen to this track while driving!

Track #2

BrainStorm Silent Subliminals

BrainSpeak - BrainStorm Subliminals - Peak-Performance

The second track contains the same positive subliminal messages in our specially encoded silent format!  You may listen to this track without headphones – anytime, anywhere, for any amount of time.

Because there are no distracting “masking” sounds you can play it through speakers in the background while you work, talk on the phone, watch TV, drive, or sleep.

The subliminal messages re-program your subconscious mind while you go about your daily activities.