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Andy Proper - Virtual Bird Dog Blueprint

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Andy Proper - Virtual Bird Dog Blueprint digital download. Info: [eBook (PDF) + MP3 + DOC]. "The Authoritative Course On OUTSOURCED Lead Generation for ...
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Andy Proper - Virtual Bird Dog Blueprint

Type: Digital download

Format: [eBook (PDF) + MP3 + DOC]


Virtual Bird Dog Blueprint

Introducing, for the first time ever...

"The Virtual Bird Dog Blueprint: The Authoritative Course On OUTSOURCED Lead Generation for Real Estate Entrepreneurs"

...a BRAND NEW digital course that explains step-by-step EXACTLY how to recruit, train, launch, and manage a massive network of bird dogs to bring you leads in ANY market in the country you want to invest in - automatically.

This is the very heartbeat of the Virtual Bird Dog system. It's every piece, every morsel, and every nugget we've learned about what works, what doesn't and why.

And what's even better is that, it's deceptively simple. It's designed to be EASY to understand and EASY to apply and duplicate for ANYONE in ANY market.

Here's why every real estate investor
should have access to this information...

The benefits you'll enjoy from outsourcing and automating your marketing through a virtual bird dog network may be obvious to you at this point. They're tremendous...

Save time, spending less of it on marketing and drumming up leads.

Focus on your "highest and best"use: analyzing and closing deals. 

Andy Proper - Virtual Bird Dog BlueprintStop wasting money on ineffective or quasi-effective marketing tactics.

Andy Proper - Virtual Bird Dog BlueprintReclaim your life! Now you'll have more time than ever for family & friends

Andy Proper - Virtual Bird Dog BlueprintEnjoy more time for yourself and what you love to do.

Andy Proper - Virtual Bird Dog BlueprintTAKE A FASTER PATH TO FINANCIAL FREEDOM!

Before we go any further, let me be completely transparent about something. And frankly...

Most people probably wouldn't admit this...

But the fact is, not every investor who has used the Teamwork Lead System™ software has been successful.

There, I said it. And it's just the plain truth. We CANNOT claim a 100% success rate.

Don't get me wrong - it's very high. But nothing's perfect.

But what's really interesting is that I've noted it's so often just one little thing they're doing wrong -- one little mistake they're making that keeps them from achieving SERIOUS profits.

I know this because of the "blueprint" we've been perfecting. If every investor in our community followed the blueprint, the path to success should be a matter of "rinse and repeat".

Said another way, YES, the Virtual Bird Dog lead generation model can be predictably, wildly successful for you ...IF you understand the process of building this system for yourself.

That's why this course is so critical for anyone who's committed to putting their real estate lead generation on autopilot.

The Virtual Bird Dog Blueprint is literally a shortcut to success. It's the "easy way". Whether you're a Teamwork Lead System™ member or not, you CAN be doing more deals with extremely little marketing cost by creating your own bird dog program and running it the right way.

You'll get every time-tested tip, strategy, and insight that will allow you to generate more leads, expand your investment business, and ultimately put more money in your pocket through a virtual bird dog network.

With the blueprint as your guide, you CAN and WILL forever change your business for the better - GUARANTEED.

Andy Proper - Virtual Bird Dog Blueprint YES, I'm ready to leverage other peoples' time and effort to locate MORE motivated sellers, close MORE deals, and make MORE cash! Andy Proper - Virtual Bird Dog Blueprint

Some great news for you:
We've made the mistakes already...
So YOU don't have to!

You see, I've discovered that there's a right way, and MANY WRONG WAYS, to run a bird dog program in your business. Running it the wrong way will actually HURT your business instead of HELPING it.

  • You wouldn't bake a cake without some kind of a recipe
  • You wouldn't take a road trip to someplace new without a reliable roadmap
  • You wouldn't build a house without a proven blueprint.

So why would you (or anyone) want to try and build a Virtual Bird Dog system WITHOUT the aid of the careful, step-by-step assistance of those who have already successfully accomplished it?

Why not wisely avoid making mistakes you don't really have to make?

The 9 Deadly Mistakes You
DON'T Have to Make...

Mistake #1:

Working too hard to run a virtual bird dog program.
I've noticed that many will abandon a bird dog program because it ends up demanding too much time. But when run the right way, a large-scale bird dog program runs on near-autopilot, and should save you tons of time, not take more of it.

Mistake #2:

Failing to recruit enough virtual bird dogs.
You must understand the numbers game involved here, and have continuous, effective recruiting campaigns running.

Mistake #3:

Failing to recruit quality virtual bird dogs.
If you recruit in the wrong places, or use the wrong wording, you will not produce top-quality results you're seeking.

Mistake #4:

Failing to train your virtual bird dogs properly.
A training manual is simply not enough. But solid training also isn't complicated. It's just a part of an effective system. Wise investors utilize a variety of automated training methods to get the best results possible with the least amount of human effort.

Mistake #5:

Failing to compensate virtual bird dogs legally .
This is not joke. You can unwittingly get into a lot of trouble with this one. It's not complicated to overcome, but unfortunately many investors are clueless as to the legal implications of paying bird dogs and are subjecting themselves to unnecessary risk.

Mistake #6:

Losing virtual bird dogs to your competition.
We've definitely noticed that many bird dogs don't stick around for long if you've got a lackluster compensation plan in place. Learn how to have your bird dogs salivating and bringing you leads FIRST.

Mistake #7:

Failing to have (and use) the right technology .
Don't even try to run a bird dog program without the proper website structure and automated systems in place. This is NOT about Teamwork Lead System. I'll explain exactly how to set yourself up right out of the box, all on your own, for getting maximum results as quickly as possible.

Mistake #8:

Failing to build quality relationships and motivate your virtual bird dogs.
This can break your bird dog program faster than any other mistake. There are 16 key abilities you need to know to lead your bird dog network properly - and believe it or not, you can even automate the relationship building process! I'll show you how.

Mistake #9:

Failing to recognize incredible, new income streams.
Most everyone seems to miss these. We did at first. Building a bird dog network can produce income in a number of "hidden" ways, not just through the referral of properties. If you're not capitalizing on this, you're missing easy money!

Let's take a closer look at what you'll learn
inside "The Virtual Bird Dog Blueprint"...

  • What exactly Virtual Investing means and how this concept will change the future of real estate investing (Page 16)
  • How to outsource the repetitive, tedious, and non-critical aspects of your business to start saving time NOW (Page 17)
  • How and where to recruit virtual assistants for your business (Page 18)
  • How to best measure return on investment for EACH of your marketing strategies and what to expect from your bird dog network (Page 23)
  • How to recognize the very best bird dogs in each of your markets (Page 24)
  • The 5 critical factors that determine your success at investing with bird dogs (Page 29)
  • The 7 ways you can structure bird dog compensation and the legal issues to be aware of (Page 33)
  • How to never pay a bird dog until you close on a deal (Page 36)
  • Bonus incentives that will get your bird dogs producing like crazy (Page 37)
  • How to keep bird dogs working for YOU and not your competition (Page 38)
  • How to identify critical processes ahead of time and save HOURS in the long run (Page 41)
  • EXACTLY how to structure a world-class bird dog recruiting website (Page 44)
  • Critical internet marketing secrets for maximum response through your website (Page 47)
  • Step-by-step, how to set up management, administrative, and communication systems that will save you loads of time (Page 50)
  • Exactly how to advertise for FREE to recruit bird dogs in any market in the country (Page 54)
  • The 5 Keys to running long term advertising campaigns on Craigslist and prevent your ads from being "ghosted" (Page 57)
  • How to set up an email autoresponder sequence to AUTOMATE your follow-up and turn more people into productive bird dogs (Page 58)
  • How to effectively train bird dogs to start bringing you property leads, while minimizing questions and confusion on their end (Page 66)
  • How to utilize audio and video to more effectively train bird dogs (Page 67)
  • Exactly how to write a bird dog training manual, with a sample manual that you can start using right away (Page 69)
  • 10 marketing strategies that bird dogs can use to start finding motivated sellers immediately (Page 81)
  • How to utilize leadership, team building, and management skills to maximize results from your bird dog program (Page 88)
  • The 16 characteristics of an extraordinary bird dog program leader (Page 90)
  • The 5 keys to effective communication with your bird dog network (Page 92)
  • How to generate new passive income streams from your bird dog network (Page 95)
  • The 10 keys keeping your bird dogs motivated and producing quality leads (Page 96)

... And much, much more. From the first page, you'll discover precise strategies that you can start using for IMMEDIATE positive impact on your business.